Stir-fried Wide Noodles

Stir-fried wide noodles was inspired by the popular Thai dish, pad see ew which uses these rice noodles as a main ingredient.  I don’t make it often because fresh wide flat noodles are difficult to come by and its very time consuming to make at home.  I was out shopping and found some at an Asian grocery store.  This recipe combines wide flat rice noodles, leafy green vegetables, and chicken into a delicious and savory meal.  Your family will want to stay home for dinner when you make this flavorful dish. Continue reading “Stir-fried Wide Noodles”

Little Birdie Baby Shower

This year has been a very eventful year for my family and I had the opportunity to help throw a whimsical little birdie baby shower for my sister-in-law, Kaonu.  She is one of the most thoughtful and loving individuals I know and I was excited to do this for her. Continue reading “Little Birdie Baby Shower”

Tissue Paper Flowers

These tissue paper flowers are super easy to make and very inexpensive.  You can find all the materials at Dollar Tree.  I made a bunch of these in different sizes for my sister-in-law’s baby shower.  The instructions are for the largest flower size.  You could trim off a few inches of the tissue to make smaller sizes.  Continue reading “Tissue Paper Flowers”

Pin Up Bachelorette Party

My sister-in-law, Der got married earlier this year and I was so excited to help her bridesmaids throw a surprise pin up bachelorette party!  She loves everything vintage and girly so I had a lot of fun with this one.  It was an epic night spent with friends who truly love her.  There were so many amazing ideas and these are some that my sister, Mary and I had the pleasure of putting together for her.

Here I am posing with Der. She is the Marilyn Monroe look-a-like on the left.

Since this was pin up themed, we wanted to include lots of vintage ideas into the decor and food. Continue reading “Pin Up Bachelorette Party”

Easy Custom Marquee Sign

I wanted to make an easy custom marquee sign for my sister-in-law’s vintage pin up bachelorette party.  We put this sign over the burger bar for a diner-like setting.

After combing through various DIY marquee signs, I was disappointed there wasn’t anything easy enough for me to try.  Then, the idea came to me while walking through Micheals. Continue reading “Easy Custom Marquee Sign”

Easy Egg Rolls

Egg rolls are a perfect food and one of my favorites!  There are so many different versions out there and they can be very time consuming to make the old fashioned way.  But, I’ve found a way to make a popular recipe quickly without sacrificing taste.  This recipe may not be for everyone, but these egg rolls are mother-in-law approved, so I would say it’s worked well for me. 🙂 Continue reading “Easy Egg Rolls”

German Chocolate Cupcakes

German chocolate cake is my brother’s favorite cake.  Growing up together, I’ve always known him to be a super picky eater.  So one day, I was surprised to see him go out to get the ingredients to bake a German chocolate cake.  We’re all grown and have moved out of my parents’ house.  But, for his birthday this year, I thought I would bake up his favorite cake in cupcake fashion and mail them to him in Michigan.

I came up with this easy cupcake recipe and added a special ingredient, coconut oil. Continue reading “German Chocolate Cupcakes”