Snowed In Pretzels

I call these Snowed In Pretzels since they are the perfect food to make during a winter storm. Warm carbs are like a comforting blanket against the cold, and a girl’s got all day for bread to rise when she can’t leave the house. I have my friend, Seang C. Lee to thank for giving me the best pretzel recipe. Continue reading “Snowed In Pretzels”

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Pad Thai Voodles

One of my favorite Thai dishes is pad thai, but with summer almost here, these pad thai voodles (vegetable noodles) might help me reach my fitness goals faster.  Vegetable noodles are one of the latest trends and are a fun and healthy way to eat more veggies.  Continue reading “Pad Thai Voodles”

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Spring Brownies

A Sweet Way to Welcome Spring

These spring brownies were inspired by this beautiful time of the year, bountiful weddings, and the Pampered Chef.  Spring makes me think of new beginnings for many flowering plants and creatures(humans included).  I also got this amazing brownie pan from my Pampered Chef host, Joane B. and I wanted a good reason to try it out.  These spring brownies were perfect for celebrating a wedding this past weekend.   Continue reading “Spring Brownies”

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Quick Cronuts

Cronuts are a trendy hybrid treat that have been popular for some time now in the bakery world.  It’s really just an excuse to eat a fried croissant in the shape of a doughnut.  Sounds like the perfect indulgent food if you are pregnant or in the mood for something sweet, sticky, flaky and fried.  But, who’s got the time to wait for dough to rise?  This may not be an authentic cronut, but it will get me close enough with time to spare for other mommy duties. Continue reading “Quick Cronuts”

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Berry Tiramisu Cupcakes

The Cupcakes You Need in Your Life

These berry tiramisu cupcakes are a tasty twist to the classic tiramisu cake that is traditionally made with coffee.  These are a great alternative if you don’t drink coffee or want to try something new. Continue reading “Berry Tiramisu Cupcakes”

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Easy Banh Mi Sliders

These easy banh mi sliders are the perfect balance of sweet, salty, and sour goodness that’s delivered inside a warm toasty piece of bread.  I wanted to create an easy version that would be quick to assemble and great as an appetizer or finger food.  These were made for a birthday party last weekend to try on unsuspecting guests.   They are simple to make, tasty and the right size for serving at any gathering.  For example, that upcoming Super Bowl Party you might be planning next month. Continue reading “Easy Banh Mi Sliders”

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Blackberry Banana Ice Cream

Blackberry banana ice cream is all natural and only uses three ingredients and a food processor.

Blackberries hold a special place in my heart because they bring back wonderful childhood memories.  My parents had a small patch of woods in our backyard where wild blackberry brambles grew rampant.  Every summer we looked forward to picking these little black jewels.  Just like their tart and sweet taste, their appearance at the end of summer evoked bittersweet feelings. Continue reading “Blackberry Banana Ice Cream”

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Stir-fried Wide Noodles

Stir-fried wide noodles was inspired by the popular Thai dish, pad see ew which uses these rice noodles as a main ingredient.  I don’t make it often because fresh wide flat noodles are difficult to come by and its very time consuming to make at home.  I was out shopping and found some at an Asian grocery store.  This recipe combines wide flat rice noodles, leafy green vegetables, and chicken into a delicious and savory meal.  Your family will want to stay home for dinner when you make this flavorful dish. Continue reading “Stir-fried Wide Noodles”

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Easy Egg Rolls

Egg rolls are a perfect food and one of my favorites!  There are so many different versions out there and they can be very time consuming to make the old fashioned way.  But, I’ve found a way to make a popular recipe quickly without sacrificing taste.  This recipe may not be for everyone, but these egg rolls are mother-in-law approved, so I would say it’s worked well for me. 🙂 Continue reading “Easy Egg Rolls”

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