Hello, my name is Doua(do-wha) and I live in North Carolina with my wonderful husband and adorable baby girl.  In my free time, when I’m not tending to either of them, I scramble to craft or cook until my heart is full.  Once I saw my first cooking and crafting show on t.v. and my parents got me an Easy Bake oven for my birthday as a little girl, I was hooked on DIYs.

Since my love for these hobbies run deep, I want to start a blog to document all the things I’ve made so I can share it with others and have something nostalgic to look back on when I’m 90 years old.

This blog is going to focus on cooking, crafts, and party ideas inspired by DIYs that I absolutely NEED to try in this lifetime!  You know, the ones that you come across on Pinterest or on t.v. and makes you squeal a little inside.  Some of these creations belong to other more clever geniuses, who’s links I will post, and some I make up along the way.

The projects that really speak to my heart are easy on my time, the wallet and the eyes.  But, I am open to trying anything that beckons me.

Please come along with me on this exciting adventure as I fulfill my DIY bucket list!