Spring Brownies

A Sweet Way to Welcome Spring

These spring brownies were inspired by this beautiful time of the year, bountiful weddings, and the Pampered Chef.  Spring makes me think of new beginnings for many flowering plants and creatures(humans included).  I also got this amazing brownie pan from my Pampered Chef host, Joane B. and I wanted a good reason to try it out.  These spring brownies were perfect for celebrating a wedding this past weekend.   Continue reading “Spring Brownies”

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German Chocolate Cupcakes

German chocolate cake is my brother’s favorite cake.  Growing up together, I’ve always known him to be a super picky eater.  So one day, I was surprised to see him go out to get the ingredients to bake a German chocolate cake.  We’re all grown and have moved out of my parents’ house.  But, for his birthday this year, I thought I would bake up his favorite cake in cupcake fashion and mail them to him in Michigan.

I came up with this easy cupcake recipe and added a special ingredient, coconut oil. Continue reading “German Chocolate Cupcakes”

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