Spring Brownies

A Sweet Way to Welcome Spring

These spring brownies were inspired by this beautiful time of the year, bountiful weddings, and the Pampered Chef.  Spring makes me think of new beginnings for many flowering plants and creatures(humans included).  I also got this amazing brownie pan from my Pampered Chef host, Joane B. and I wanted a good reason to try it out.  These spring brownies were perfect for celebrating a wedding this past weekend.  

The brownie pan is a fun new way to make individual brownies and get more of that crispy crust that everyone wants.  Although it’s a brownie pan, it can be used to make other delicious finger foods like cakes, pies, and omelets.  Here it is in its original packaging:

Ok, let’s get started…



1 box chewy fudge brownies

½ cup coconut oil

2 eggs

¼ cup water

white chocolate glaze

6 oz white chocolate chips or ½ bag

2 teaspoons coconut oil

Dried edible flowers  (I used lavender, rose, and marigold)


Preheat oven to 325 degrees.  Mix all the ingredients for the brownies together until combined.  Spray the pan with nonstick spray to make sure they come out perfectly.  I know it’s a nonstick pan but I’m a perfectionist when it comes to a clean release of my desserts from their cooking vessel.  Fill each square well halfway with the brownie batter.  I used a mini ice cream scoop and put in 2 scoops per square to make them even.

Then bake them in the oven for about 20 minutes.  They look good enough to eat right out of the pan and I might have tried one to make sure I was right.

Remove the brownies onto a wire rack to cool and bake the rest of the brownies.  This recipe makes about 15-16 brownies.  Allow them to cool to room temperature and make the white chocolate glaze.

Place the white chocolate chips and coconut oil into a microwave safe bowl.  Heat and stir for 30 second intervals until the chocolate has melted.  Dip the top of each brownie into the chocolate and sprinkle with the dried edible flowers immediately.

The edible dried flowers give these spring brownies a burst of color and a sweet floral fragrance.  They are fancy enough for a wedding but they will work for any special occasion.  Don’t they just look romantic and dreamy?  Hope you enjoy this recipe and I would love to hear your ideas for using edible dried flowers.

Special thanks to Love Story Flowers & Events for supplying the gorgeous fresh flowers used in these photos.  You can find out more information here.

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