Tissue Paper Flowers

These tissue paper flowers are super easy to make and very inexpensive.  You can find all the materials at Dollar Tree.  I made a bunch of these in different sizes for my sister-in-law’s baby shower.  The instructions are for the largest flower size.  You could trim off a few inches of the tissue to make smaller sizes. 

Here’s what you will need:


2 pkgs 25 count tissue paper

1 pkg floral wire

1 ruler



This may not be anatomically correct, but I chose to make a blue flower with a pink center.  Stack two pieces of pink tissue and cut in half.  Place the resulting 4 pieces of tissue on top of each other.  Make multiple 2.5 inch cuts about ½ inch wide on the two longer sides of the tissue.


Stack five pieces of the blue tissue together and place two of the pink sheets in the center.


Fold the sheets together accordion style and make sure to crease the edges well.  Repeat again until you have made two of these.  Place one on top of the other and secure both of these with a 6 inch piece of floral wire.  Cut the corners off the edges for a pointed petal look.


Start by lifting up each individual tissue layer and fluffing as you go.


You should end up with a beautiful blossom that will be perfect for celebrating any occasion.


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