Giant Candy DIY

Large candy decor is not easy to come across so I came up with this giant candy diy!  My sister will be expecting her first baby at the end of this year and I am so excited to throw her a shower!  Growing up, she always had an eye for candy and I thought this would be the perfect theme for her baby shower! I’ll be posting more candy crafts and decor for the shower as the planning comes along.  🙂


Tissue paper color of your choice

White tissue paper

Hot glue gun


Ring and rectangular floral foam



Place floral foam shape on two sheets of colored tissue paper.

Wrap tissue paper around the foam shape and secure the back with some clear tape.

Cut a white sheet of tissue paper in half and twist into a rope.

Use the hot glue gun to secure the white rope in a circular pattern on top of the smooth side of the foam shape.

Repeat the same steps for the rectangular foam.

Cover with the cellophane and tie the ends with the ribbon.  These are so fun and easy to make!

You can make up the rules as you go and create any yummy design for your candy.  Hope you have fun trying out this giant candy diy and using them in your decor!  



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